About us

The Vinyl Junkie aka Matt

I am a travelling record dealer who is dedicated to bringing the finest vinyl collections to Australia.
After frustrating myself trying to find decent record collections to buy in Australia I have recently done 3 trips to the USA where I have bought close to 35,000 lps and Singles.
A wide variety of genres and styles are amongst the tonnes of wax I have bought in including Jazz, Blues, Rock,Reggae,Soundtracks and Latin Jazz but there is also large percentage of quaility Hip Hop, Electro,Funk, Soul, Disco, New wave and House music there.

Recent acquisitions were from ex DJS who were Billboard reporters so there are a tonne of unplayed promo 12’s amongst the gems i have brought back.It is my goal to revitalise the record fairs in Australia by bringing the highest quality imports to the Fairs at the right prices.I travel extensively throughout the year to attend fairs in Melbourne,Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. And I hope to mett some of you at fairs in the near future. Please click on my facebook link on the left and add me as a friend and i will be able to keep you more in touch with my adventures.